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Hearing Aids

The Basics - How a hearing aid works

All Hearing instruments are not created equal. They are as individual as you are. However, they have certain basic things in common. A simple explanation is that they let you hear sounds that you are missing. In short they will help you hear better and the most advanced ones will help you hear as naturally as possible.

These are the Basic Hearing aid components:

  1. Two microphones to pick up sound.
  2. A programmable amplifier to make the sound louder.
  3. A miniature loudspeaker called a receiver that sends the amplified sound into the ear for you to hear.
  4. A tip or mold that goes into the ear or an individual shell for custom instruments.
  5. A tiny battery that runs the instrument.

How to know what hearing instrument is right for you

Choosing your hearing instrument is the first step to success.
There are 3 basic elements to this decision:

  • Your style and design preferences.
  • Your communication needs and hearing abilities
  • Other individual preferences and issues including financial matters.

You are going to make this decision with an expert advice, your Audiologist. It is important to share your needs and preferences with your Audiologist and together you will arrive at a solution that is best for you.

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