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Hearing Evaluations

It is necessary to do a hearing test to find out how you hear. The audiologist will conduct a thorough assessment of your hearing in a sound controlled setting usually in a sound booth or quiet room. While wearing an earphone in each ear, you will listen to beeps  that will vary in pitches and presented at different volume levels. You will be asked to indicate when you hear each one by pressing a button or raising your hand. You may be asked to repeat words.  The test is comfortable.  All you have to do is listen and respond. 

Your evaluation may also include a speech audiometry test. Here you will be asked to listen to and repeat a series of familiar words which become softer and softer.  This will help determine the softest level that you can recognize familiar words. Words will also be played at a comfortable, conversational level to determine your word recognition score - how well you can understand words presented at a volume appropriate for your needs. Other test can also be performed to evaluate how well you hear in difficult or noisy environments.

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